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Dr Balalis takes pride in being accessible, supportive and across all aspects of your care, at every stage of your journey.


We do things a little differently than most weight loss specialists.

Rather than taking a pre-determined path, ours is holistic, dynamic and founded on assessing your expectations, lifestyle and ongoing needs.

We won’t automatically assume surgery is your best or only option. But, if surgery does happen to be your best path forward, you’ll still have choices. Dr Balalis is unique in that he performs multiple types of weight loss surgery (all via keyhole), as well as offering medication and placing non-surgical Allurion Gastric Balloons.

And, regardless of what treatment option you choose, we’re across all aspects of your care, at every stage of your journey. That means no third-party referrals or unfamiliar faces.

Within our one supportive space, you’ll have access to our fully specialised and collaborative team of dietitians, bariatric general practitioners, psychologists, exercise physiologists, bariatric nurses, our surgeon—Dr Balalis and where needed, our anaesthetists and endocrinologist.


Dr Balalis is a specialised Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgeon who also offers non-surgical approaches to weight loss, including diet, medication and lifestyle support as well as the placement of Allurion Gastric Balloons.

He is, to date, the only accredited Allurion Clinician in South Australia and has performed more Allurion Gastric Balloon placements than any other practitioner in the country.

Though he is the first to admit his true passion lies in supporting people with their weight loss journeys, Dr Balalis is an experienced and multi-faceted surgeon with various specialties, including upper gastrointestinal and general surgery.

He is extensively trained within and outside Australia, frequently publishing peer-reviewed journals, lecturing at the University of Adelaide and participating in numerous industry bodies and associations, ensuring his skills and practice evolve to reflect the latest international standards and industry insights.

He has completed a Masters of Philosophy (Surgery) in Oesophageal Cancer, received multiple fellowships and most recently was honoured to receive a travel scholarship, enabling him to further his robotic oesophageal surgery training in the Netherlands.

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