Australian Financial Review – Allurion Article

Dr Balalis was mentioned in an article in the Financial Review on the 17th June 2022. The article discusses the novel technology behind the Allurion gastric balloon.



Read the full article via the link here. 


The Allurion gastric balloon has provided great success for patients, with an average weight loss of 12% over 4 months in Dr Balalis’ cohort. It is another tool in the armamentarium for patients, and contributes to what can be offered by Dr Balalis.


The balloon takes up space in the stomach and induces weight loss by increasing satiety (fullness), delaying gastric emptying and reducing the amount of food eaten at each meal.


Allurion’s technology is unique, with years of research in development and testing. The balloon is placed without endoscopy, sedation or surgery, and passes naturally after approximately 4 months. There is no other gastric balloon available like this.


Dr Balalis is the only qualified placer of the Allurion balloon in South Australia and has completed the most placements in Australia. He is supported by the dietitians from Nutrition For Weight Loss Surgery and Nurse Sarah, and they are all located at 149 Ward Street North Adelaide, South Australia.


Dr Balalis personally assesses every patient first, to go through all medical problems as well as suitability of the Allurion Balloon.


To read more please click here. To discuss this option further, please contact Dr George Balalis.

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