Dr Balalis went live with Koshie and Natalie from 7NEWS Sunrise to discuss the new Elipse by Allurion weight loss balloon in Australia.

Let me be clear, this is a medical procedure, not a ‘miracle’ treatment, and you can listen to the full interview at Seven news below that reiterates those feelings.

 Dr George Balalis Elipse by Allurion balloon – Sunrise interview


The Elipse by Allurion Programme does not replace the requirement for weight loss surgery for patients, as results and eligibility differ.


The balloon is a minimally invasive procedure that gives patients a 4-6 month head start on changing their life. It provides the tools to change your lifestyle and habits during that time period.


Eligibility for this procedure will depend on a number of factors, some of which include:


  • A BMI of 27-40
  • Age between 18-65 years old
  • Any contraindications to the balloon procedure, including:
    • Previous stomach and oesophageal surgeries
    • Swallowing problems
    • Previous open abdominal operations


The balloon procedure itself is not covered with private health or Medicare.


There is a lot of interest in the Elipse by Allurion weight loss programme – this is because it requires no surgery, anaesthetic or endoscopy and provides average weight loss of 10-15% of total body weight. The Elipse balloon has also demonstrated an excellent safety profile.


Dr Balalis performed the first patient placement of the Elipse balloon in Australia on Monday 7th June. The patient is doing very well, experienced some nausea which resolved after 2 days, and her current weight-loss sits at 6kgs. We will keep you posted on her and other patients of Dr Balalis’s! This procedure has been performed overseas over 47,000 times and provides a safe option for some patients.


As with all medical procedures there can be risks and associated complications and a full medical consultation is required to assess suitability for this device.


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