First in Australia

First Australian Elipse intra-gastric balloon placed by Dr Balalis

Today is an exciting day! Dr Balalis has successfully placed the first Australian Elipse intra-gastric balloon by Allurion.

Dr Balalis was involved in a demonstration of the Elipse balloon in Madrid in 2019 as part of an education session and was thoroughly impressed. He has been following its success overseas ever since.

With dietician support from Justine Hawke from Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery (left) and Pamela Thompson, representing Allurion (right), the placement in Australia’s first patient at Calvary Adelaide Hospital was a huge success!

This truly is a unique weight loss tool, different to other intra-gastric balloons. Firstly, there is no anaesthetic, sedation or endoscopy. The patient is safe to leave after confirmation of placement, and the safety profile is far better than any comparable products.

The Elipse balloon also includes an integrated app with take-home scales and smart watch for continuing monitoring and motivation at home.

Dr Balalis and his team look forward to offering the Elipse intra-gastric balloon to patients with a BMI ≥ 27, to improve their health and quality of life.

Please contact Dr Balalis for further information and to assess your suitability.

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