How does the Allurion gastric balloon work?

How does the Allurion gastric balloon work?

The Allurion Gastric Balloon is the world’s first and only temporary gastric balloon that requires no surgery, no anaesthesia and no endoscopy*.

Firstly, you swallow a capsule containing the balloon in a 15-min-20-min procedure that is simple, fast and non-invasive.  Some patients require the assistance of a stylet. Once inside your stomach, the balloon is slowly filled with fluid.

The balloon helps you to lose weight in three ways:

  1. The Allurion Balloon delays gastric emptying

The balloon delays the emptying of the stomach by nearly 2 hours. This helps you to feel satisfied sooner and stay satisfied for longer.

  1. The Allurion Balloon takes up space in the stomach

The balloon occupies space in the stomach, leaving less room for food. This helps to reduce the amount of food consumed.

  1. The Allurion Balloon stimulates the vagus nerve

When we eat food, the stomach increases in size (called gastric distension). This stimulates receptors in the wall of the stomach which signals fullness (called early satiety) to the brain. Having the balloon in your stomach, helps stimulate these receptors allowing you to reduce the amount of food you consume, but still feel satisfied.

The Allurion Gastric Balloon doesn’t involve any surgery, endoscopy or anaesthesia.

Clinical research shows that placement of the gastric balloon resulted in an average of 10-15% of total body weight loss after 16 weeks, as well as improvements in other health markers such as LDL-cholesterol (‘bad’ cholesterol). (Ref:23-33). The majority of the weight lost during the Allurion Program has been shown to be maintained one year after the balloon exits the body.

The Allurion Programme may be offered to people that meet the following criteria. 

  • Body mass index (BMI) of 27 to 40, to check whether you may be eligible, try our BMI calculator here.
  • Between 18-65 years old
  • Are not currently pregnant
  • Are ready to make lifestyle change and take control

You are also assessed by Dr George Balalis, Adelaide Bariatric Surgeon for other criteria in a formal consultation. This can be conducted via Telehealth if preferable.

The Technology that Allurion offers

The Allurion Program includes the balloon itself, the Virtual Care Suite (VCS) comprising of the Allurion Watch, the Allurion Scale and the Allurion App, as well as a tailored support program provided by our team.

The VCS allows Dr George Balalis and his experienced team including dietitians from Nutrition For Weight Loss Surgery, monitor patients and ensure they are receiving optimal support along their journey. It is also a very important part of keeping patients motivated and accountable! Tracking your weight loss progress in real-time, gives you an immediate understanding on how you’re doing. It allows you to set small achievable goals within a specified time frame to maximise your experience.
Allurion have identified the VCS can:

  • Provide a quick snapshot of progress
  • Help prompt motivation and focus
  • Facilitate self-awareness and mindful eating and lifestyle habits
  • Help to identify unhealthy behaviours and habits
  • Give a sense of ownership


Our Weight Loss Clinic also offers

At Dr George Balalis’ Clinic, the dietitians from Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery will provide your dietetics care. They have 15 years of clinical weight loss experience. They are experts in helping support you develop a lifestyle that supports your goals, while still enjoying the food you eat. You will be provided with individual consultations as well as online support throughout your Allurion Program.

As part of the service our clinic offers a Body Composition Analysis . This allows your dietitian to understand and track your body composition, including the distribution and ratio of fat and muscle in your body as well as an indication of your metabolic rate.


Dr George Balalis offers the Allurion Balloon, as another clinically proven option for his patients who qualify and want to lose weight and make lifestyle changes.


To find out more, read Allurion’s informative article including references, or contact our rooms.  A formal consultation is required with Dr George Balalis prior to this treatment to discuss suitability, risks and benefits.


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