Improved Life Expectancy with Bariatric Surgery


A recent publication in the New England Journal of Medicine, solidified what was already suspected – bariatric surgery is associated with longer life expectancy. The patients in the surgery group lived around 3 years longer life expectancy than those in the control group!


This trial reported results from a large Swedish cohort of over 2000 patients. This cohort has previously been reported in 2007, with decreased mortality shown then, and has exceptional follow up over more than 20 years.


When considering bariatric surgery, it is important to understand all of the risks and benefits. There are various surgical and non-surgical options available, and it is important to discuss these with your surgeon and team. It is very important to have a strong team of support, including general practitioners, dietitians, psychologists, and exercise physiologists that really make a difference to the result.


Your health is important, and this paper should solidify that for people who are struggling with their weight. Despite the known beneficial effects of bariatric surgery, still only a minority of the patients eligible for surgery undergo an operation.


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