MiniMizer Ring (MMR)

Dr Balalis may offer the use of a MiniMizer Ring (MMR) for Gastric Bypass or Revision Gastric Bypass surgeries.

Find out more about the use of the MiniMizer Ring for Gastric Bypass or Revision Gastric Bypass surgeries with Dr George Balalis.


What is the MiniMizer Ring (MMR)?

During keyhole or laparoscopic surgery, Dr Balalis will fit the ring around the outside of the upper part of the stomach and secure it with a few stitches to ensure it doesn’t move.

The MiniMizer ring is very different to a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (lap band) and is not tight at all. You should not feel the device in place.

The positioning of the MiniMizer Ring helps to change eating habits by slowing down the passage of food, helping you to feel fuller and stop eating sooner.

Who is eligible for a MiniMizer Ring?

Dr Balalis uses the MiniMizer Ring for Gastric Bypass and Revision Gastric Bypass surgeries.

After Gastric Bypass surgery, the pouch will normally stretch a small amount, but in some cases the pouch stretches much more than expected.

The aim of MiniMizer Ring use during Gastric Bypass surgery is to regulate the volume of the stomach and prevent the stomach pouch from stretching more than the desired amount.  It also slows down the passage of food through the pouch.  This helps reduce the risk of weight regain in the future.

The MiniMizer Ring can also be used for revision surgery. In this case, the patient is experiencing weight gain following stomach-reduction surgery, usually the result of eating and exercise habits slowly changing over time.

If you have gained a significant amount of weight and are unable to lose it again by making lifestyle changes, having a MiniMizer Ring fitted may provide the solution for you.

People who achieved substantial weight loss following their primary bariatric surgery procedure will benefit most from the MiniMizer Ring.

If you think you may benefit from a Minimizer Ring, please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

What results can I expect from a MiniMizer Ring?

The MiniMizer Ring can reduce and prevent possible long-term weight regain, and results in greater weight loss at five years post-surgery[1] when compared to not using the ring.

When used during Revision surgery, studies show that 75%[2] of people do not experience further weight gain after the ring is fitted. However, this does require the maintenance of healthy, regular eating and exercise habits.

Although most people do not lose more weight than with their primary surgery, some people fitted with a ring do lose a substantial amount of weight again.


As with any surgical procedure, complications may occur in surgeries involving a MiniMizer Ring.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss the available surgical and non-surgical weight loss options and what’s right for you.


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[2] Boerboom, A et al (March 2020). ‘Banding the Pouch with a Non-adjustable Ring as Revisional Procedure in Patients with Insufficient Results After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: Short-term Outcomes of a Multicenter Cohort Study’. Available at: (Accessed 22 December 2022).


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