5AA interview: Obesity & the swallowable gastric balloon

Image of phone with an audio file playing. Cover image is of an inflated gastric balloon cradled in someone's hands. Text on screen says 'Live on 5AA. Obesity and the swallowable gastric balloon, featuring Dr George Balalis'. There are radio waves behind the phone on the background.

Dr George Balalis recently joined 5AA host Jade Robran to talk about obesity and the swallowable gastric balloon.


Jade: “…weight loss isn’t just one size fits all is it?”

Dr Balalis: “Exactly right. It’s definitely not one-size fits all, and I think evolutionary changes have meant that the body protects weight when you do become overweight, or obese, or morbidly obese.

Your body fights back when you try and lose weight, and that includes your hormonal levels, levels of hunger hormones, as well as decreasing your metabolism, and that’s been shown.

And that’s why patients really struggle to lose weight and keep it off.”


Listen to the full interview here.

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