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We understand that talking to a weight loss specialist can be daunting. But we want you to know that our approach is different to most other specialists.

Founded in assessing your situation and your unique needs, we won’t assume surgery is going to be your best or only option. You may want to see one of our weight-loss GP’s first to discuss weight-loss medications.

We offer an approach that is cross-disciplinary, holistic and dynamic.

Weight loss medications can be used to assist in losing weight, as an adjunct to other treatment from medical and allied health professionals.  The currently approved weight loss medications have an average expected weight loss of around 5-10% total body weight.  The newer class of weight loss medications are GLP-1 agonists, and are in the form of weight loss injections.

There are other weight loss medications that are not injections, and these can be discussed during your consultation.

The main mechanism of action of the weight loss injections is delayed gastric emptying, as well as the central effects on the hypothalamus to control hunger and improve satiety.  These effects were originally found from studying weight loss surgery patients.

Dr Balalis continues to speak to other medical practitioners regarding weight loss medication on behalf of pharmaceutical companies as it is a part of his everyday practice.

Medications can also assist with prevention of weight regain.  If you have lost weight and there has been an increase in your appetite, medications if you qualify can potentially assist with suppressing your hunger hormone.

Your individual suitability would need to be assessed and the risks and benefits discussed with our doctors.

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