Katie Pollock

Clinical Psychologist

This is Katie. Our compassionate, friendly, thoughtful clinical psychologist.

Though Katie has always been passionate about helping people and listening to their life experiences, it was her volunteer work in her late teens that really highlighted the interplay between physical and mental health and the importance of supporting wellbeing.

In her current role, Katie gets enormous satisfaction from helping people work towards happier, healthier lives and holding space for them to tell their stories. And she goes about this with warmth, empathy and a truly collaborative, goal-oriented approach.

Katie has extensive past experience working with adults—in both inpatient and outpatient settings, is highly skilled in assessment and has spent much of her career within multidisciplinary teams. She received the APS College of Clinical Psychologists Student Prize and was awarded the Doris West Postgraduate Award for Women during her studies. She has seen two papers published in medical journals and provided mentorship and supervision to provisional psychologists.

Katie’s ideal day off work involves a morning coffee and crossword—especially if the coffee is brought to her bedside, followed by a picnic in the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens and is capped off with dinner on the beach with friends. You might also be surprised to learn that Katie once hiked Mount Kilimanjaro during a volunteer trip to Tanzania and has a somewhat overwhelming aversion to rock melon.

Master of Psychology (Clinical), University of Adelaide, 2018
Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (First Class Hons), University of Adelaide, 2016
Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (Graduate Entry), University of Adelaide, 2015

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