Personal Assistant to Dr George Balalis

This is Monique. Our ever cool, calm and collected personal assistant to Dr Balalis.

Monique is passionate about supporting people on their journeys to improved health and happiness. She appreciates that the initial step can be challenging—whether a phone call or a first appointment—and always aims to make the experience a little less daunting.

Having worked alongside Dr Balalis since the beginning of his business, Monique feels their shared values and approach have enabled her to be of the greatest support to Dr Balalis and those seeking his help and care.

Monique holds a Bachelor of Health Science (majoring in nutrition) and has worked in aged care, allied health, specialised medical practice and administration. Amongst Monique’s many aptitudes is her ability to complete tasks quickly without compromising care or accuracy.

Monique’s ideal day off work involves a sleep-in, coffee and a leisurely beach walk. But she also enjoys practising yoga and spending time with her family, including her dog Archie. You might also be surprised to learn that Monique is a twin! And, though she and her brother are not much alike, they do both share a love of pasta!

Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition), Flinders University, 2020

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