Sarah Cawthorne

Bariatric Nurse

This is Sarah. Our bubbly yet easy-going clinical bariatric nurse.

Sarah is passionate about positively impacting peoples weight loss experiences and has spent her entire career in bariatric nursing. An instinctive carer, she loves nothing more than being part of people’s weight loss journeys in their entirety—you never know, she may even be by your hospital bed (should surgery be your best option).

Having worked in Calvary Adelaide Hospital’s surgical ward for almost a decade, Sarah has gained a wealth of experience across all aspects of bariatric care. And, though it was her deep-seated desire to care for people that initially inspired her to enter the field of bariatric nursing, it’s a desire that’s also seen her achieve her clinical nursing position in 2016 and become a valued and integral member of the Balalis team.  

Sarahs ideal day off work involves coffee, sunshine and walking her three dogs in the Adelaide Hills—a task that can prove time-consuming, but luckily is one that’s also shared by her partner. And, like us, you might also be surprised to learn that Sarah is passionate about moto GP.


Bachelor of Nursing, The University of Adelaide, 2012



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