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Seeking help for weight loss is a big decision. No matter which pathway you choose, it is important to understand the process and price of available weight loss treatments.

Your weight loss journey

We do things a little differently than most weight loss specialists.

Rather than taking a pre-determined path, ours is holistic, dynamic and founded on assessing your expectations, lifestyle and ongoing needs.  Throughout the process, it is important to be fully informed on both medical and financial information.

To kick-start your journey, a formal consultation is required to assess your needs. In this initial consultation, you will meet with Dr George Balalis (Bariatric Surgeon) or Dr Jesse Beumer (Bariatric Surgeon) and together, you will determine the best option for you. Your surgeon will discuss the surgery or procedure in detail with you including how it is performed, how it works, what results you can expect and also the possible complications.

You may choose to see Dr Adelaide Boylan / Dr Sarah Hill / Dr Alice Mott-Lake (Bariatric GP) or Dr Tom Chesterman (Endocrinologist) for your initial consultation to discuss non-surgical options.

Beyond that initial consultation, you will have access to our fully specialised team that consult from one supportive space, including our surgeon, dietitians, psychologists, exercise physiologists, bariatric nurses, bariatric GP’s and our endocrinologist (if and when needed).

Find out more about specialist appointments for a guideline on related prices.

Gastric Sleeve & Bypass

Find out more about the price of Gastric Sleeve & Gastric Bypass surgery and our post-care success.

Endosleeve Procedure

Find out more about the price of an Endosleeve procedure.

Allurion Gastric Balloon

Find out more about the price of the Allurion Gastric Balloon Program.

Lap Band Removal

Find out more about the price of Lap Band removal.

Gastric Surgery Revision

Find out more about the price of Gastric Surgery Revision (please contact our rooms).

Private Health For Surgery

Private Health funds can provide a level of cover for surgical weight management services, however bariatric surgery requires ‘top hospital gold’ level cover.

To ensure you are covered, you may like to call your private health fund and check with them on the following items/codes to see if they are included in your policy coverage:

Uninsured & Self-Funded Weight Loss Surgical Patients

If you are uninsured or self-funded, it’s important to note that there are further costs associated with your care in a private hospital as well as fees for anaesthetist and surgical assistant.

The total amount will depend on a number of factors, including: the type of surgery, the hospital, the anaesthetist.

As an uninsured patient, other costs that you can expect to pay are;

  • Private Hospital Fee
  • Anaesthetist
  • Assistant
  • Scans & Medications

With all surgeries, there are associated risks. In the unlikely event that a patient experiences a complication/emergency that requires further treatment, if you are uninsured, further costs may be applicable.

Accessing Superannuation

Find out more about accessing superannuation to pay for weight loss surgery.

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