Allurion Gastric Balloon Costs

Understand the costs for the Allurion Program.

An Allurion Gastric Balloon procedure and Post-Care-Success program costs $7,000. This covers your balloon, its placement with Dr Balalis, all placement materials, your Allurion Scale, App and your ongoing post-procedural support and care for 6 months in person.

Post-Care-Success is provided within the one space by the one specialised team, including dietitian, nurse and Dr Balalis himself. This means we’re with you all the way—no referrals, off-site visits or unfamiliar faces.

Post-Care-Success includes a 12 month online Changing Habits Course created by Dr Gina Cleo for you to work on identifying the habits that are holding you back and guide you through simple strategies to improve your daily habits, long term.

An after-hours phone service also sees Dr Balalis and our team made aware of all out-of-hours calls.

Dietetic Care

Diet and nutrition are vital aspects of your weight loss journey post-procedure. That’s why Dr Balalis works collaboratively with the Nutrition For Weight Loss Surgery team.

You’ll receive three individual appointments with your NFWLS dietitian in our rooms or via tele-health following your placement. These appointments are tailored to your needs and are specifically timed to the key transitions and stages of your post-procedure journey. Of course if video or phone consults are preferred we can accomodate this.

Our dietitian’s also have a Body Composition Scanner in each consult room. This machine uses advanced scanning technology to accurately measure muscle, fat and bone mass for the body as a whole, as well as separate body parts.

In addition to your follow ups you’ll also receive a 12 month online Habit Change Course created by Dr Gina Cleo, one of the world’s leading experts in habits. You will feel equipped and encouraged to achieve long term success.

Medical Care

Your post-procedure care will remain in the hands of Dr Balalis (who will also perform your balloon placement) and our highly trained clinical nurse.

Following your balloon placement you’ll receive follow ups with Dr Balalis and our nursing team and as many additional appointments as required.

Procedure Costs

The procedure cost ($7,000) covers the balloon, its placement by Dr George Balalis, placement materials.

Post-Care-Success (our 6-month post-procedure care service) as well as an additional 6-months access to your Changing Habits Program.

You’ll also get an Allurion Connect Scale, Watch and App to help you track your progress and stay connected with the team for 6 months.

Other Costs

There is an additional fee from Dr Jones & Partners for your two placement X-rays and cost of medications prescribed to assist with symptom management. Pre pre-procedure consultations are not included and paid for at the time of the appointment.

It is important to note that this procedure is not covered by Medicare or private health insurance and we do not offer payment plans. Medical loans can be sought from Total Lifestyle Credit, who are not affiliated with our practice, but do offer medical loans. Terms & Conditions: Speak to TLC direct for a quote based on your personal circumstances and for the full terms and conditions. Full credit and financial assessment would need to be completed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.


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