Specialist appointment costs

Understand the costs for standard non-procedural and pre-procedural appointments.

Beginning your weight loss journey begins with a formal consultation to assess your needs and suitability, discuss risks of surgery and explain costs.

Beyond that initial consultation, you will have access to our fully specialised team that consult from one supportive space, including our surgeon, dietitians, psychologists, exercise physiologists, bariatric nurses, bariatric GP’s and our endocrinologist (if and when needed).

The costs for standard non-procedural and pre-procedural appointment fees and rebates are below.


Dr George Balalis – Bariatric Surgeon

Initial appointment / 30 min – $280 (Medicare rebate $81.30)

Review appointment / 15 min – $98 (Medicare rebate $40.85)

Pre-procedural reviews as required

Dr Adelaide Boylan / Dr Alice Mott-Lake / Dr Sarah Hill Bariatric GP

Initial pre surgical appointment /45 min – $225 (Medicare rebate applies)

Review appointment / 15 min – $75 (Medicare rebate applies)

Pre-procedural reviews as required


Initial non surgical appointment / 45min – 1 hr – $300 (Medicare rebate applies)

Referral required


Dr Tom Chesterman—Endocrinologist

New—$300 (Medicare rebate $142.60)

New complex—$400 (Medicare rebate $249.40)

Review—$150 (Medicare rebate $71.40)

Review complex—$200 (Medicare rebate $124.90)

Pre-procedural reviews as required


Ali Janders / Sarah Cawthorne—Bariatric Nurse

Appointments as required – For surgical part of Dr Balalis’ care


Psychology initial appointment / 60 min—$240 (100)

Psychology review appointment / 30 min—$130 (200)

Pre-procedural reviews as required


Exercise Physiologist

Exercise Physiologist / 45 min—$130 (102)

Exercise Physiologist review / 30 min —$85 (202)

Pre-procedural reviews as required



Dietitian initial appointment / 60 min—$190 (500)

Dietitian review appointment / 30 min—$95 (600)

Pre-procedural reviews as required


Psychology, exercise physiology and dietetic rebates will depend on your private health cover. Please note, access to this team is exclusive to our surgical patients.

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