Diet, Lifestyle & Medication

Helping you succeed by providing all your ongoing care—in the one supportive space, from the one specialised team.

We understand that talking to a weight loss specialist can be daunting. But we want you to know that our approach is different to most other specialists.

Founded in assessing your situation and your unique needs, we won’t assume surgery is going to be your best or only option.

Instead, we offer an approach that is cross-disciplinary, holistic and dynamic.

And, in saying our care is cross-disciplinary, holistic and dynamic, we really mean it. Within our one supportive and nurturing space, we provide a fully specialised team of weight loss dietitians, bariatric general practitioners, psychologists, exercise physiologists, bariatric nurses, an endocrinologist and our surgeon—Dr Balalis. You can expect expert advice on diet, lifestyle and medication, and how these three levers work singularly or together, to help you reach your goals.

That means your care is tailored to your needs and communicated across our team. It also means we’re with you every step of your way. No third party referrals, off-site visits or unfamiliar faces.

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Health professionals commonly measure Body Mass Index (BMI) to assess whether patients are a healthy weight.

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