Intragastric Balloon

The Elipse provides proven weight loss, for patients from BMI 27- 40, and has been used extensively in Europe and Asia with over 47 000 being placed to date.
The balloon is placed during an outpatient visit, where under Dr Balalis’s guidance, the patient swallows a capsule that contains the deflated balloon. An X-ray is used to confirm the correct position of the capsule.

Dr Balalis then uses the tube to fill the balloon with liquid, and a second X-ray is taken to confirm the balloon is filled and placed correctly.  Dr Balalis will then gently remove the tube.
After approximatly 16 weeks, the balloon empties and passes naturally. Trials have shown that patients lose on average 10-15% TBWL (Total Body Weight Loss). As always, it is important to liaise with health professionals, and to also couple any therapy with important lifestyle changes.

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