Balalis premieres Da Vinci robotic device at Calvary Adelaide

Dr Balalis has recently started operating on the daVinci® Xi Surgical System at Calvary Adelaide Hospital. This is an option for weight loss surgery patients and can be discussed directly with Dr Balalis at a consultation.

Dr Balalis has recently travelled to the Netherlands, where he underwent further robotic training with world leaders in the field of robotic surgery at Utrecht Medical Centre (UMC). This was supported by a Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) scholarship.

Robotic and laparoscopic surgery is minimally invasive, providing patients undergoing weight loss and upper GI surgery with fast recovery.

Robotic bariatric surgery is a tool that enhances the ability of the surgeon, particularly with dextrous or skillful movements. The surgeon uses a computer-controlled robot to assist in the operation – the surgeon still performs the operation but from a console that is away from the patient. A second surgeon acts as an assistant and supervises the robot at the bedside.

The surgeon works at the console, controlling robotic arms that enter through standard keyhole ports. The camera that the surgeon looks through is 3-dimensional, high definition and it also magnifies the surgery. This means greater visualisation and accuracy for the surgeon compared to laparoscopic surgery.

The improved accuracy, dexterity (movement) and control, means that the instrument movements are more precise. This may mean less pain or discomfort, shorter recovery time, less time in hospital, and decreased blood loss.

Dr Balalis operates on the daVinci® Xi Surgical System at Calvary Adelaide Hospital, which is the most advanced robotic surgical console. It has been used for many years for thousands of cases in hospitals around the world. It is safe and provides published benefits in weight loss surgery.

Thank you to Dr Bhatia for travelling from Melbourne to provide expert guidence. Thank you to theatre staff from Calvary Adelaide Hospital, Dr Peter Pedoulias and Dr Louis Papillion.

For more information on robotic weight loss and upper GI surgery, please contact Dr Balalis.

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