Weight Loss Treatment

Considering your next step? We offer multiple weight loss surgeries, which means you get more options.

Feeling lost or defeated when it comes to your weight? You’re not alone.

This page is designed to provide you with more information about weight loss (bariatric) surgery procedures, and whether they may be suitable for you.

About weight loss (bariatric) surgery

Obesity is a serious disease within Australia, with two in three adults now considered overweight.

When contemplating your next step, it’s important to remember that multiple factors contribute to weight issues, many of which fall outside your direct control.

When you meet with Dr Balalis, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your personal journey, your concerns, goals, and the available surgical options best suited to your situation.

Is weight loss surgery for me?

If surgery does happen to be your best option, you still have choices. Dr Balalis is unique in that he performs multiple weight loss surgeries via keyhole (laparoscopically) & robotic surgery.

There are many benefits of keyhole & robotic surgery over open surgery. These include faster recovery times, shorter hospital stays and fewer complications. Keyhole and robotic surgery is also far less invasive.

The two most commonly performed weight loss surgeries are a gastric sleeve and a gastric bypass. Statistics show that these surgeries lead to more significant and sustained weight loss than non- surgical approaches, with most people successfully losing over 65% of their excess body weight.

Advantages of surgery?

There are other advantages too. Weight loss surgery lowers your cardiovascular risk factors (including stroke, high blood pressure and high cholesterol), improves your kidney function, reduces reflux and minimises the risk of respiratory disease (such as asthma and sleep apnoea).

Long-term weight loss also helps improve other aspects of wellbeing, from your mental health to your quality, length and enjoyment of life.

Dr Balalis can also perform complex revision surgeries and gastric (lap) band removals.

Gastric Band Removal

If you currently have a Gastric band in and are having issues, please come and see Dr Balalis and the team – some people have not had their band looked at in many years!

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Gastric Bypass

One anastomosis gastric bypass (OAGB) is a type of gastric bypass and is also known as a single anastomosis gastric bypass, mini-bypass or even omega-loop bypass.

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Sleeve Gastrectomy

The Sleeve Gastrectomy is the most commonly performed weight loss procedure both in Australia and worldwide.

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Weight loss surgery FAQs

View frequently asked questions relating to bariatric and weight loss surgery.

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